Monday, June 23, 2014

London Guide: Andina

I love Peruvian restaurants. It is hard to beat the combination of ceviche, grilled meat and one of the best cocktails ever. So I was very excited to try another of London's Peruvian offerings recently (twice in two weeks, actually). 

Andina opened at the end of last year on Shoreditch High Street and is the sister restaurant of Soho's Ceviche, created by chef Martin Morales.

First thing first, order a pisco sour. This lovely little concoction of pisco, lime juice, sugar syrup, egg white and Peruvian Chuncho bitters is magical and delicious. I think the classic ones are best, but I also tried Andina's pink pisco sour with sparking rose, and it is certainly fair to say that I wasn't disappointed

(Ceviche Andina)

Having been to Andina twice now, and with friends who love to eat, I have sampled a significant portion of the main menu and everything was amazing, very flavourful and perfectly presented. I would recommend getting three dishes per person, all to share, which should be a decent amount of food. For four quite hungry women, we ordered the following:

  • Mini pork chicharrones with salsa criolla and rocoto chilli (very well marinated);
  • Ceviche Andina;
  • Black Kingfish & fig tiradito;
  • Tiger's Milk trio;
  • Chicken & avocado causa;
  • Salmon tartare causa;
  • Corn cake & avocado with salsa criolla;
  • Tamalito;
  • Chicken thigh skewers with aji de gallina sauce;
  • Lamb skewers in pana chilli with corn and Uchucuta herb sauce;
  • Scallops & prawns in amarillo chilli with fennel and salsa;
  • Solterito salad; and
  • Sancha Inchi green beans with crunchy corn.

This is a good amount for four if you're hungry and determined to finish everything. If you're looking for a lighter meal, maybe have a few less dishes.

(Tiger's Milk Trio)

From the list above, my favourites would have to be the Ceviche Andina, Black Kingfish & fig tiradito and the corn cake, which was like cornbread but very moist and not at all dull. We may or may not have also ordered the picarones doughnuts (picture below), which were fresh and fantastic.

(Solterito Salad)

(Corn cake and avocado with salsa criolla)


(Lamb skewers in pana chilli with corn and Uchucuta herb sauce)

(Picarones doughnuts)

The service at Andina is pretty great, as well. I arrived earlier than my friends and was asked for my drink order by three different waiters, all eager to ensure that I was enjoying myself and looked after (but not at all in that annoying, hovering way). The various dishes we ordered were brought out and our table was cleared seamlessly throughout the meal and without much interruption.

Andina has a light and airy upstairs eating area, a moodier bar and table area downstairs and a music room, which can be hired for private dining.

Be sure to book yourself a table before going though - the restaurant was fully booked on both a Monday and a Wednesday when I went in May.

Ratings: (numbers out of 10, £ out of 4) 

Food: 9
Atmosphere: 7 upstairs; 8 downstairs at the bar
Service: 10
Price: ££
Overall experience: 9

(All photographs above from the Andina website)


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