Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Watch This: InRealLife

Last night, I went to a screening of the documentary InRealLife and a Q&A with the director. The documentary asks what the Internet is doing to children (largely teenagers) and tells the story of a number of teens representative of the types of issues faced by young users of the Internet.  I felt the documentary was slightly too broad in scope, although that is due to the large number of important issues that the director felt she should cover in the film, and it was not the best documentary that I've seen. However, it did create an impression and, coupled with discussions with the director following the film, it all certainly gave me a few things to think about. 

I thought I would share the trailer:

I think that I will certainly be examining more closely the type of content that I want to put on my blog and refocusing on quality over quantity.

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