Monday, March 10, 2014

London Guide: Honest Burgers

I recently met up with a friend from university that I hadn't seen in a long time for a catch up. He suggested that we grab some burgers for dinner in Soho, and after reading Lauren's review of Honest Burgers in Portobello Road on Aspiring Kennedy, I quickly suggested Honest Burgers as my dining venue of choice (it turned out that my friend goes there very often and was quite happy to oblige).

I was somewhat concerned when we turned up at the restaurant at 6:30pm and were told that it would be a wait of around an hour and a half.  However, Honest Burgers has the greatest queueing system - they put you in an electronic queue, you can track your place in the queue online and they text you when you should head back to the restaurant for your table.  With their locations in Soho, Portobello Road and Camden, this makes waiting for so long so much easier - you can just go wandering around the neighbourhood or go for drinks elsewhere (although, I'm not sure how great this would work out in their Brixton and King's Cross locations). If more restaurants used this system, I would be willing to wait instead of going elsewhere.

My friend and I went over to Ceviche for a couple pisco sours in the meantime, and I discovered that the wait was well worth it as soon as my food arrived.

I ordered the Honest Burger - beef, red onion relish, smoked bacon, mature cheddar, pickled cucumber and lettuce - which comes with rosemary fries. Both were amazing. The burger was the perfect size, in that I could eat it by picking it up without having to cut it (the way that burgers were meant to be eaten) and without everything sliding off the bun and causing a mess.  I hate when a burger arrives at the table, and I have to take half of the toppings off in order to eat it.  The burger was cooked perfectly - a little bit pink inside - and tasted so good. As for the fries, rosemary salt is the perfect seasoning for a fry, and I kept eating these long after I was full because I couldn't get enough.

Honest Burgers menu also includes a cheese burger, chicken burger, vegetable fritter and a special, and the drinks menu has a decent selection of ales and beers, although they are pretty steep in terms of price.  All of the meat comes from the Ginger Pig.

This place was delightful, and I am already looking for my next opportunity to eat at Hones Burgers.

Ratings: (numbers out of 10, £ out of 4) 

Food: 9
Atmosphere: 8
Service: 8
Price: £
Overall experience: 9

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