Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Cook These: Easy Weeknight Recipes

I'm now living back in Central London, and I'm also currently working on a job that means that I have regular hours on a regular basis (I mean 9-5, something that almost never happens).  This means that I have a lot more time in the evenings and, unless I have other plans, I have almost no excuse not to cook dinner (something else that never happens on regular basis). The result has been a renewed desire to be adventurous in the kitchen.   

I've been pretty proud of myself for actually using some of my extra time to cook, and I've really enjoyed the new recipes that I've tried.

I used this recipe from Food 52 as a starter and then altered it. I used red onion in stead of white, mixed Italian herbs and fennel seeds instead of rosemary, added a bit of lemon juice and used baked cubes of sweet potato instead of breadcrumbs.  It was delicious and felt way more indulgent than I expected. It would be a good brunch dish if you had the time (cook time was about an hour all in).

I started preparing this dish from The Kitchn and was seriously concerned that I was going to end up with a mushy, unappetising mess at the end that was ultimately going to leave me hungry - I was proved wrong (although I did add in a bit of red pepper just to be safe). This dish was simple to make and pleasing to eat, although I did season it with a tiny bit of garam masala as well, because I don't love ground coriander as a main flavour. 

This is one of Jamie Oliver's 15-minute meals. If you're not familiar, this is Jamie's latest show and cook book (following on from 30-minute meals). While I somewhat doubt my ability to make this in 15 minutes (I don't like to rush things in the kitchen), this was very quick and easy and tasted amazing.  Jamie never disappoints me.

This recipe from The Kitchn is what I will be trying out for dinner tonight. I pre-cooked the potato a bit in the oven last night, so that it wouldn't take quite so long after work. I also like my jacket potatoes (Americans: this is a baked potato, but usually served as a meal and often with baked beans and cheddar) a bit moist, so I may improvise with some kind of sauce along the way. I'll let you know how it turns out.

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