Monday, November 18, 2013

London Guide: Real Life Instagram

Wandering the streets of London, you may stumble upon an analog version of a familiar frame.  Brazilian artist Bruno Ribeiro has placed Real Life Instagram frames throughout London and near some popular landmarks like St Paul's and Borough Market.

Ribeiro claims to be a fan of Instagram and the way that it has brought photography into daily life and made people more observant of the detail around them.  However, Ribeiro also dislikes how modern technology is making us obsessed with staying connected while, at the same time, pushing away those physically close to us.

Ultimately, Ribeiro, who also works in advertising, is seeking to make people smile.  He claims that he doesn't want to make any serious statement but is simply trying to get people to stop checking their email and look at the amazing city around them that they would otherwise miss.

I will certainly be on the lookout for the Real Life Instagram's in London.  There is so much to see in London - there is new detail to see every time you take a second to look a bit closer.  I like that this installation is helping people to remember to stop and look at what is right in front of them.

(I know I said I was getting back into this last week, but please bear with me - there is a lot going on right now, that I will try to explain at some point. S xx)

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