Monday, August 12, 2013

London Guide: Brunch at Pincho

The London Guide for this week is slightly more local because work has run me ragged this week, and I have spent most of the weekend sleeping or otherwise relaxing.  Taking the trip into Central London this weekend just felt entirely too daunting, so K and I went for brunch down on Church Street in Twickenham.

Pincho, a Mediterranean tapas bar, is at the end of the row of quaint little shops and pubs that lines Church Street, although a number of them now sadly sit empty, with local businesses having recently been forced out.  With a large amount of outdoor seating space, Pincho seems to be full every weekend for lunch and dinner.

Open since 2007, Pincho has done a good job at converting an old English terraced building into a restaurant with a real Mediterranean feel, with stripped back wood beans, clay-inspired rendering, stone and decorative iron window grates.

Pincho serves breakfast until 11:30 on weekends, and we made it just in time yesterday.  The breakfast menu is simple but satisfying, with your usual suspects like eggs benedict and eggs royal but also offering both English and Spanish-style omelettes and baked eggs.  

If we hadn't had something similar for dinner Saturday night, I would have been all over the baked eggs with chorizo and tomato.  I ended up ordering French toast with pancetta (I know, an unusual order at a Spanish restaurant) and K went with eggs benedict with ham.  My French toast looked slightly underwhelming when it first arrived, essentially being comprised of a nice homemade loaf of bread that had been cooked with scrambled egg poured on top, but I was pleasantly surprised. It was simple but really well cooked, with the eggs being slightly wet.  The pancetta was great and salty.  K reported that his eggs benedict was also good - served on sour dough with big, light poached eggs. 

I must admit, I was slightly disappointed that the coffee machine that they use at Pincho is the same brand that we have at my office.  So I drink out of the coffee cup below every weekday, and that took a bit of the enjoyment out of an otherwise perfectly good cappuccino.

The value was definitely an additional perk.  Our entire breakfast (with coffees) was £12 and change.

I am now intrigued to try their lunch and/or dinner menus - although you now how I feel about tapas. They have their work cut out for them on that one.

Ratings: (numbers out of 10, £ out of 4)

Food: 7
Atmosphere: 7
Service: 8
Price: £ (for breakfast - I imagine lunch and dinner are a slightly different story)
Overall experience: 7.5

(Exterior photo from Pincho, photo of Church Street from, all other photos mine)

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