Friday, August 23, 2013

Finally, a Holiday - Back to the US of A

Tomorrow, I am finally going on holiday (US read: vacation).  It is my first vacation since the long Easter weekend (in the UK, most of us get Good Friday and Easter Monday off of work) and my first proper break from work since I took two weeks off at Christmas (another perk of living in the UK).

K and I are flying out of sunny Londontown tomorrow morning for 'Merica.  We are spending three days in New York City with friends before renting  a car and travelling upstate to the Finger Lakes Region, where I originally hail from.  We'll be there for about a week, visiting with my family, taking small tripes (possibly to Niagara Falls) and wine touring.  We're then driving down to the Poconos for a very dear college friend's wedding before packing it in and heading back to LDN.

For me, this trip will largely involve familiar places, but this is the first time that K has visited upstate New York and my hometown, in particular.  I am excited to see it with him - in some ways it will feel like seeing it for the first time.

I will be checking in and trying to post sporadically while we are away, but excuse my long absences - I really need this vacation!


(Photograph behind the quotation above from Pinterest but unable to source.)

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