Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tequila Tasting at Mestizo

Mexican food is trendy in London right now,
but I'm going to introduce you to the real thing:
Restaurant & Tequila Bar.

Mestizo has been my favourite restaurant in London for some time now -
K introduced me to it very shortly after I moved here in 2008 -
but K and I went to a tequila tasting and food and tequila pairing
dinner that Mestizo hosted last Wednesday,
and I was seriously impressed and feel I'll be spending
even more time at this restaurant near Warren Street station.

The evening started off with some welcome margaritas,
and some very difficult choices regarding the menu.

The evening was hosted by Herradura, and a representative gave
a very informative presentation about how tequila is made and the
history of the distillery.  The horseshoe on the bottle is for luck, and it's
only the wrong way round until you turn the bottle upside down to drink.

Then we got down to the tasting, which was done
like a wine tasting and was certainly the first time I've ever sipped tequila
on its own (or really even tried to taste it).
We tried blanco, reposado and anjeo.  

Dinner was then served with tequila pairings.
Everyone had temales to start, which were amazing and served with blanco.

I had a pescadilla for the starter with reposado.

Then I had mole verde con puerco for the main with anjeo.
This dish did not photograph well on my trusty iPhone, 
but trust me - it was yummy.

We then had a selection of desserts and cafe de olla.

Another sponsor of the night was Kan-Kun chipotle sauce,
so during the meal their lucha libre mascot 
(also known as the proprietor's husband)
made an appearance.

K got a bit of tequila in him and went head to head with the lucha libra.

Overall, it was a fantastic evening, and I will definitely be going back
to Mestizo for another event.
We even got goodie bags at the end of the night with chocolate
and mole, Kan-Kun chipotle sauce and wooden, hand-painted
cavalera (the decorative Mexican skulls you see around the
Day of the Dead).

Ratings (numbers out of 10, £ out of 4)
Food: 9
Atmosphere: 9
Service: 9
Price: ££
Overall experience: 10

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