Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend Appreciation

I know a lot of bloggers do these kinds of posts to
give you something to do over the weekend, but it made more
sense to me to be able to share those things that I
actually had time to appreciate over the weekend -
kick off the week right.

I had a lovely little weekend, despite having to work for a
good portion of it.  The sun FINALLY decided to show itself
in London, and it was actually warm here yesterday!
K and I also went to a new-ish local pub we've been meaning
to check of out for a while now, which involved this fantastic wallpaper:

More on that to follow...

Now for a few gems from the weekend to get you through the week:

A fantastic collection of photographs of Art Appreciation.

Illustrated floor plans for Wes Anderson films.

Inspired by Silver Linings Playbook, I want to learn to dance -
maybe this number by Fred Astaire and Rita Hayworth:

Awesome Lithographs of the classics.

Three sets of downloadable/printable botanical prints: one, two, three
A stop motion music video that must have taken months to complete:

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