Thursday, January 31, 2013

She was an American Girl, raised on promises...

I read an article an old The Washing Post entitled, 
and it made me incredibly nostalgic.

As a kid, I loved American Girl books and poured over the catalogues
for the dolls and all of their intricate clothing and accessories of hours and hours.
I may be dating myself a bit, but when I was growing up we only had the original 
four girls - Kirsten, Felicity, Samantha and Molly - and then Addy came a bit later.
It appears they now have loads of American Girls.

Which American Girl was your favourite?
What does she say about your personality or aspirations?

My favourite was always Samantha.
I learned in the article that they retired her in 2008 - which strangely
makes me feel a bit sad, like a door of my life has closed forever.
That's how much American Girl meant to me as a kid, I guess.

Here's a bit more nostalgia, courtesy of Microsoft in their new
Internet Explorer ad, which certainly hit a chord - well done, Microsoft('s ad agency).
If you were born in the mid-to-late 80s, watch this.

(PS. yes, this post title is a reference to Tom Petty)

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