Monday, November 19, 2012

Watch This: The Mindy Project

I was reminded recently that The Mindy Project had debuted back in September
(one of the perils of living outside the US - I'm always late to cotton on).
I needed a bit of downtime this weekend, so I got up to date with the show.
I loved it. Watch it.  Mindy Kaling is at her best.

Written by Mindy Kaling, this single-camera comedy follows Mindy,
a successful OB/GYN in her early 30s, who views the world through the
philosophy of rom-coms and, of course, is unlucky in love.
Mindy is a very relatable character and I don't find her to be the annoying,
stereotypically depressing protagonist you sometimes find in these roles.

I love Mindy's apartment and office in the show - both decked out in Jonathan Adler.

(Tinker Bell Tailer Soldier Spy) 

A preview:

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