Friday, November 23, 2012

Feeling Christmasy (and Anti-Black Friday)

I have never been a fan of Black Friday.
I know the sales are apparently great, but I never saw the appeal
of getting up in the wee hours to go traipsing through the shops or malls,
fighting with everyone around me because we all got up too early,
and we all hate crowded shops on the best of days.

Another issue has been brought to my attention over the last couple
of years.  Remember that while you're out shopping on Black Friday
(for apparent joy), all of the people working at the shops have had
to be there since the before dawn (and sometimes the night before)
and will stay there until long after the last shoppers leave.
Some people will have to work on Thanksgiving to accomodate
your shopping frenzy.  No, they don't really have a choice about that either.
So be kind to one another.

OK, lecture over.

Now to get into a Christmasy mood - I present the lovely,
tear-jerking Christmas advertisements from John Lewis.
(Yes, I appreciate the irony of these ads being designed to make you go shopping)

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