Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wish List

1. The peplum trend has been around for a while now. I only ventured into
peplum with one basic top from Topshop, because I thought 
(contrary to claims it does miracles for the figure) it put my proportions
out of whack. That said, this dress cures my peplum fears.
You just know this Tibi dress is going to be flattering.

2. It can be said that I have a thing for maps.  It can also definitely
be said that I have a thing for London.  So I love this World Map of London
by Angus McArthur and Allison Hardcastle, with typography denoting not place
names but elements of London culture that those places are famous for.
I also love London maps that feature the Thames as white space.

3. The Cambridge Satchel Company does trunks now.  The Steamer Trunk
makes all of my preppy dreams come true (and at a really nice price) -
but I'm not sure I could choose which colour to buy.

4. Due to my conservative day job, my nails are pretty much not allowed to
stray from the traditional pink-red spectrum, if they're painted at all.
However, I'm pretty sure that on the weekends they want to be painted
with the NARS Andy Warhol collection, all with Warhol-relevant names.


New York Dolls:

15 minutes:

Back Room:

TV Party:

Photo Booth Collection - Back Room, Chelsea Girls, Soup Can, Silver Factory:

5. These glitter t-strap ballet flats from j. crew would make my feet pretty happy.

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