Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Office Space

You've heard it already, but I'll say it again - I started a new job this week.
I am a lawyer of the most traditional sort in England, and with this
comes a very traditional workspace.  Picture something like this:

(...and picture what a personal office might
look like in this environment - it's not your
typical commercial furnishings and
fluorescent lighting, I promise you.)

Don't get me wrong - I feel (and am) incredibly privileged to get
to work in such an auspicious environment.  In fact, I consider it one
of the many perks of the job.  However, I know that because of my workday
surroundings, I want something very different from my home office.

My current home office consists of an IKEA table-cum-desk,  a dining chair 
and a make a large makeshift bookcase in a corner of my living room.
We just moved into a new flat at the beginning of September, and
I haven't gotten around to dealing with this area yet.

Here are some home office's I've been dreaming of and hope to use
for a bit of inspiration...

I love the drama of these spaces.

The leading idea for my office space is a gallery wall something like these.

I love the ampersand between these computers...
and I do have to share my office space with the Mister.

The clean, white bases and quirky accents in these spaces is attractive.

Although, I know my corner office will end up looking a bit more
cluttered - maybe I can take a note from this office space.

(All office images may be sourced through Pinterest)

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