Monday, October 15, 2012

Music Monday: Bond Themes

The theme for the new Bond movie Skyfall by Adele
was number one on the iTunes chart within hours of being
released for download on the 5th of October.

(Skyfall, Adele)

The theme to the 23rd instalment of James Bond
harks back to a more classic Bond theme, which I appreciate.
It is a definite improvement on the Bond themes of late.

The best Bond themes have been those that stand on their own two feet
(let's face it, Shirely Basey had it wrapped up). 
These are my favourites:

(Thunderball, Tom Jones)

(Diamonds Are Forever, Shirley Bassey)

(Live and Let Die, Paul McCartney and Wings)

(Goldfinger, Shirely Bassey)

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