Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

When I was in college, Halloween was the best time of the year.
Now, I'm mostly just happy I don't have to worry about it - 
Halloween isn't nearly as big in London, so you actually have to seek out
an event unless a friend is having a house party.

The holiday still holds a special place in my heart though.
So maybe I'll watch a few scary movies.

If I was going to dress up, these are my top 5 costumes for this year:

1. Moonrise Kingdom


2. School Picture


3. Holly Golightly and "Fred"
(But not the obvious Holly Golightly)


4. Tie: Daria or Team Zissou Crew Member



5. Carl Fredricksen from Up
(OK I'm not a small boy, but I still love this)

(No idea where this originated from because I saw it on Pinterest)

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