Monday, October 1, 2012

A New Job and a London To-Do List

I start a new job today.
While my first year will be spent essentially being an apprentice,
I hope this is the first day of a job I will hold for the rest of my working life,
which at 26 (yes, I've delayed real adulthood for a while) is a daunting,
but very exciting, prospect.

While this marks the end of a four-month vacation, and the end of the weekday lie in,
it also means I'll be spending everyday in Central London (this summer I've
been enjoying my leafy London suburb).  I've purposefully put off exploring 
a few new places around Holborn that I've discovered until I started working in the area again.

Therefore, today's London Guide takes the form of a to-do list of places
I would like to visit around the Holborn area.

1. Fleet River Bakery

(Images from Fleet River Bakery)

I have heard nothing but amazing things about Fleet River Bakery, and
I can't believe I haven't been there yet, after spending the last four years
living, studying and working in and around the Holborn area (although, to be fair,
I know live a 45 minute commute away).

Serving breakfast, seasonal sandwiches and salads, quiches and tarts, and
a varied selection of cakes and pastries, everything at Fleet River Bakery
looks amazing.  They also serve Monmouth coffee, so you can't really go wrong.
According to their website, they just started a themed monthly supper club 
last night, which could also be worth checking out in future.

2. Ben Pentreath

(Images from Ben Pentreath)

This shop opened in 2008 as part of Ben Pentreath's growing architectural
and design company in Bloomsbury.  Stocking carefully selected furniture, antiques,
textiles and unusual gifts, among many other things, the store carries items from
Birdie Hall, the designer who runs the shop, Astier de Villatte, Hunslet, Les Toiles, 
John Derian, Cavallini Papers & Co and the Coralie Bickford-Smith line of 
Penguin Classics.  

I am almost afraid to step foot in this store because I've already spent a considerable
amount of time pouring over the online shop and know it contains several
things I want to purchase.

Ben Pentreath's inspiration blog is a good read and the website contains
snippets from his interiors and architectural portfolios. I'm pretty much smitten.

3. The Lady Ottoline

 (Images from The Lady Ottoline)

This gastropub was featured in one of Emerald Street's emails, and I 
immediately bookmarked The Lady Ottoline as a place I wanted to visit.
The food looks amazing, but the atmosphere seems like any other
decent English pub in the area. There is also an upstairs dining room.

The menu boasts Standard English fare, but done to a high standard,
and contains nods to the food's suppliers, which I appreciate.

4. Kimchee

 (Images from Kimchee)

Open for over a year now, Kimchee has received really good press, has won awards
and has been nominated for several others, including an entry for the
Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 11/12. While catering to the City crowd is usually
a downside in my book, I should probably get used to the fact that I'll
probably be included in that category as of today.

5. Kipferl

(Images from Kipferl)

Kipferl has a park cafe in Coram's Fields that I think is worth a try.
A smaller offshoot of this Austrian/Viennese cafe and kitchen, with a 
Viennese coffee, cakes, light lunches and sandwiches.

I've heard the coffee here is great and if the lunch menu is anything
like the restaurant menu, with its goats cheese, salads, wiener schnitzel and
dumplings, count me in.  According to their website, sausages are now on
the menu at Coram's Fields, so I'm pretty sure I'm in anyway.

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